Welcome to my new website 2

First of all, welcome to my new website!

I will use this site as a portal to the many different projects and services i have worked on or offer and to keep you posted about ideas i might have, don’t worry, i will not use this site to bother you with boring aspects of my life as some people do, there is a better place for that: Facebook ;-) . With this site i hope to create a single compact home for all of my past and present work, combining information and resources from all of the different sites and communities i have used in the past.


Now for the technicalities:

I have just moved the website to a new VPS at the local hackerspace (TkkrLab), which means I am now able to use more resource intensive software for it, such as WordPress!

The initial set up of the software is now complete but I am still very busy with the content so please ignore any non-functional areas of the site or other inconveniences as the site is not yet completed.

I also chose to include some adverts on the website, these are provided by Google AdSense at the moment, i do realize that a lot of people visiting this site oppose Google’s practices concerning privacy but it’s not free to run a website so i simply have to include these adverts. If anyone knows a good alternative to AdSense, please tell me about it in a comment using the form below the post or drop me an email about it!

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