Build log

Here I will post updates on the construction of the computer.

Created website March 19th, 2017
I have finally had the time to write up the website for the project and to upload the photographs I have made.

Second wire wrapping session February 20th, 2017
Today I did the second wire wrapping session: I wired up the control signals and carry look ahead for the lower 16 bits of the ALU and connected the upper 16 bits of the control register input and outputs to the connector, I also wired the control signals to the connector, together with the immediate mode operand sign extension.
I also rewired the entire carry lookahead circuit because I made a wiring mistake the last time. Besides that mistakes I only had one bit switched of the ALU output and one wire to the wrong pin alltogether. Both of those mistakes were fixed this session. I still have to work on my wire wrapping skills as the inner ("b") row of the connector still takes me on average two tries per pin to connect.

First DIN connector mounted February 17th, 2017
During an unrelated visit to the university's electronics department I was so bold to ask them whether they had any wire wrap DIN backplane connectors in stock, in response to which they told me they might have one and that I was free to take it and any other old part they did not need anymore, They had not only a backplane connector but also six NOS SRAMs that I will be able to use for the register file.

First wire wrapping session February 2nd, 2017
I finally had the time to take my board and parts to the university to use their wire wrap gun, I have now wired up the high 16 bits of the ALU input muxen, bit shift muxen, ALU, writeback latch and buffer, and the lookahead carry generators.

First soldering session January 29th, 2017
Today I soldered in the sockets for most of the chips on the datapath card. I used the "holes" in the IC sockets to place the decoupling capacitors.

First parts arrived January 27th, 2017
I have received part of the sockets and ICs for the datapath card: A lot of capacitors, some multiplexers, buffers and registers.

Register file schematics January 20th, 2017
I have drawn up the schematics for the register file in order to ask for some advice on timing the control signals, which in the end I did not need. Most of the schematics still exist only in my head, I really should take the time to draw them all someday.