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About Peterbjornx

My name is Peter Bosch, I am a hobbyist programmer from the Netherlands who also likes to experiment with electronics. At the moment I am 18 years old and currently still in secondary school (just finished my HAVO level education and starting VWO after the summer break) and hope to start studying physics at an university in two years.

In the meanwhile I am a very active member of the local hackerspace where I work on various projects, I program in Java, C,VHDL and sometimes C#, usually for games development or learning projects.

At the moment my main source of income is repairing computers and electronic equipment, which I quite enjoy although it is not a very constant or reliable source of income.

When I am not working on a project of some kind I enjoy watching science fiction series, reading some books or listening to (preferably live) music.

My main goal with this website is to create a compact representation of all of my work and to share ideas and hopefully get some input on them, and to connect the different online communities I am a part of.

Contacting me

The easiest way to contact me is by dropping me an email at peterbosc at gmail dot com , for other ways to contact me please refer to the Contact page.


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